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Daniel Nerezov

Pretty interesting. Bill Burnham and Paul Kedrosky have been known to cover persistence in private equity returns. It seems that, in contrast with managed funds, private equity managers who outperform, can be expected to also outperform other managers (not necessarily the market) the year after. So access is important. Then again, on other days - the opposite seems to hold true, and people do challenge the persistence of returns in private equity.

The thing about private equity, and particularly Aussie venture capital, which really gets to me, is perceived lack of liquidity. I mean, is there a liquidity problem for Aussie private equity? I don't know! it sure seems like it. If they are concerned about the lack of big exits in US, it worries me how Australians deal with this this problem seeing that we don't have anything nearly the size of NASDAQ or the NYSE.

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