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I have to think that partners at some of these firms are debating whether to slit their wrists or hang themselves. Many of them have two options 1) stay at your current firm where your out of the carry or 2) start your own firm in an environment where the cost of capital has never been higher and there is a general flight to quality. Good luck.


If it's one thing that PEs and VCs have exposure to, it's that entrepreneurship is the holy grail. You need a certain risk appetite, and you have to be willing to work hard, but it's an obvious path of succession for jaded PE pros at firms that are floundering.

Nemo Incognito

With regards to your question: yes, absolutely. Especially so in Asia. http://nemoincognito.blogspot.com/2009/06/big-ticket-private-equity-in-asia.html

Matthew Craig-Greene

My team at http://www.ieconsulting.co.uk conducted this work for Coller and we feel that one thing playing a huge part in the reduction of auto-re-ups is the serious focus that LPs are placing on due diligence at the moment. They are also spending a lot of time looking at their existing portfolios. It's always dangerous to underplay the influence that LPs have on the strength of the PE industry...

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