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In the Wrong Business

Wow. 2% of a $1 billion fund is $20m!!! That's a hell of a fee.

Investing 101 For Dummies

I have to agree with "In the wrong business". 2% of a large amount is still a large amount in and of itself. As for the model that involves taking a portion of the fee in equity, I think it's very good because it further encourages agents to introduce investors with a sound business. The more money that business makes afterwards, the more money the agent stands to make

Chuck Spence

Hi there

I am considering starting a placement agency in my home country, where there currently is none. It is a country with a similar nature to Australia economically.

I see at least have sprouted up in Australia. I am wondering if you could advise on what I would need to get started? I have some exp in PE just not fundraising.

ie - what made the australians ones successful? Because usually placement agencies are based in the biggest cities in the world (ny,london). do they only deal with australian investors and australian funds?

Maybe I should call up local GPs and ask if they need help first?


Hi Chuck,
My sense is that the Australian placement agents have found it tough. Though there is a large pool of capital in Australia, the market here is quite concentrated with a handful of gatekeepers controlling most of the local LP money . . . so hard for a placement agent to add value.

I suspect they have been more helpful at
(1) Helping Aussie managers access international LPs
(2) Introducing overseas managers to the large pools of capital in Australia

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