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Older than you are!

Some of the dead firms live on in teams that went on to build good new firms.

For example, the Quadrant guys came out of Westpac Development, Next out of Macquarie Direct, Starfish out of Nomura and GBS Ventures out of Rothschild.

Mick Trefalo

I remember trying to find a lawyer to advise me on a venture capital backed investment back in the late 90s. I think it was 96 or 97.

There was nobody out there. Kon Mellos at Freehills was just about the only guy in Australia who had heard of private equity then.


In 1998 AMP was probably the most active lender into private equity deals, followed by Westpac. The other banks could barely spell private equity.


Hi there,
Well I was quite suprised to hear that so many venture cap firms were now gone! In my days with Freehills/ Page and partners there seemed to be a fairly healthy opposition. That said I feel a few of those that have fallen off the cliff, so to speak, have actually amalgamated with others in the hope of rebirth.
Thanks for your enlightening post
regards Jeff

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